(Jobs-Plus JobBlast) Campus Peace Officer Exam #2038 Notice

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Jobs-Plus members should come in prepare for this or in case you need any help.

The Civil Service Unit of the City University of New York will now be accepting applications for the Campus Peace Officer Examination – please ensure that the attached notice is printed and posted in your respective departments. Details of the exam include the following:

* The filing period is from September 12 2011 through October 14, 2011. * The filing fee is $30.
* The exam is being offered as open competitive.
* Applicants are encouraged to apply online via Exams Xpress.
* Exams Xpress can be accessed through http://www.cuny.edu and clicking on Jobs at CUNY, then on Civil Service Exams. * Exams Xpress can also be accessed at http://cuny.cps.ca.gov/.
* Applicants not wishing to complete the application online can download the document and mail the completed paper application along with the filing fee to: CPS HR Consulting
Attn: CUNY CPO Examination #2038
6700A Rockledge Drive, Suite 510
Bethesda, MD 20817


Campus Peace Officer #2038.pdf

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